Passed M.Sc. in Biochemistry from Calcutta University in the year 1979 with graduation in Chemistry (Hons) from Calcutta University. I worked initially as Quality control chemist for stationery items and their inspection on-site. Thereafter, I started working on mycotoxins at Bangalore. During early seventy, the export of ground nut to European countries fell drastically. In search of that, it was discovered that presence of mycotoxins due to faulty post-harvest technology in the ground nut is the route cause. These are carcinogenic and slowly passing into edible oil, milk, fruit juices, rice and other agricultural commodities.

Thereafter, I started working in Forensic toxicology where the cause of suspected death of a person was to be verified by chemical analysis of biological materials of the deceased as forwarded by Police authorities. Another area of my interest was identification of Narcotic drugs & Psychotropic Substances, both in biological & non-biological materials.

Another area of interest was detection of active ingredient of Argemone mexicana seeds used as adulterant in mustard seeds in the biological samples of deceased expired due to “Dropsy disease” after consuming mustard oil.