What is Moot Court?

Mooting: Where Knowledge Meets Courtroom Drama

Moot court, affectionately known as “mooting,” stands as a profound bridge between theoretical knowledge and the electrifying ambiance of a genuine courtroom. For law students, it’s an adrenaline-pumping journey that brings to life the principles and practices they’ve diligently imbibed in their coursework. At its heart, moot court simulates the intricate procedures of a genuine courtroom, offering students a compelling opportunity to dive into legal advocacy. This co-curricular activity, embraced by numerous esteemed law institutions, grants students the privilege of participating in meticulously crafted simulated court proceedings. It’s a transformative journey, enriching students with invaluable experiences in legal research, written communication, and the art of persuasive oral advocacy, all within a hyper-realistic setting.

About the Moot Court Committee of the School of Law and Justice, Adamas University:

Crafting Advocates of Tomorrow: The Adamas Law Moot Court Committee (ALMCC)

Nurturing legal talent is the sacred duty of the Adamas Law Moot Court Committee (ALMCC). This dynamic body is dedicated to orchestrating, coordinating, and executing Intra, National and other Moot court-related programs and competitions. Furthermore, it steers the month-long process of assembling the prestigious Adamas University Moot Team, which champions the School of Law and Justice (SOLJ) colors at National and International Moot Court Competitions. A pivotal mission of ALMCC is to instil the art of mooting in aspiring legal minds. Our approach is inclusive, as we actively encourage student participation across all academic batches. We accomplish this through rigorous workshops, interactive demonstrations, and invaluable sessions with accomplished legal professionals. ALMCC’s primary goal is to foster an environment that not only hones research, oral advocacy, and legal drafting skills but also fosters the holistic development of astute mooters poised to become stellar advocates.


Charting a Course for Legal Excellence

The objectives of the ALMCC are multi-faceted:

  1. To provide students with a simulated courtroom environment for honing their legal skills.
  2. To foster the development of research, writing, and oral advocacy skills among students.
  3. To ignite a passion for the study of law and advocacy in the hearts of budding legal scholars.
  4. To cultivate a competitive and supportive ecosystem for students to learn and evolve.
  5. To represent the law school and the university at regional, national, and international moot court competitions.

Mooting Activity in College:

The Forge of Legal Prowess

Mooting unfolds as a spellbinding courtroom drama in the heart of a college campus. Students, playing the roles of lawyers, argue a hypothetical case before the watchful eyes of a judge. These competitions transpire at local, national, and international stages, often in law areas embroiled in uncertainty or undergoing transformation. Moot problems present two grounds of appeal, allowing each side to state their positions eloquently. To prepare, students delve deep into the moot problem, meticulously dissecting it to identify the crux of legal issues. This quest for knowledge necessitates extensive research, culminating in the creation of written submissions that articulate their legal arguments. The journey crescendos with rigorous practice to perfect their oral arguments, ensuring they present their case eloquently and persuasively.

The virtues of mooting are bountiful:

  • Enhancing legal research and writing skills.
  • Elevating oral advocacy prowess.
  • Cultivating the critical thinking abilities necessary for analyzing complex legal issues.
  • Fostering teamwork and collaborative spirit.
  • Building unshakeable confidence in public speaking.

Mooting isn’t just a stimulating intellectual exercise; it’s an invaluable asset for students aspiring to a career in law. These competitions serve as a potent showcase for their legal acumen in the eyes of prospective employers.

About Intra Moot Court Competition:

Fostering Excellence Within Our Walls: Intra Mooting at the School of Law and Justice, Adamas University

The School of Law and Justice at Adamas University hosts an Intra Moot Court Competition every year. This event provides a platform for students to sharpen and flaunt their legal research and advocacy skills. The competition also helps the students to find any flaws in their presentation skills or research skills and allows them to polish that sector with the constant help and support of our Professors and Assistant Teachers.  It is open to all students enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs within the law school. The competition starts with a call for registrations, followed by the release of a thought-provoking moot problem. This hypothetical legal case presents students with a testing ground for their legal prowess. Teams consisting of three students (comprising Specker-1, Specker-2, and a Researcher) are formed to represent both the petitioner and respondent in the case. The battleground is prepped with written memorials submitted by each team, meticulously outlining their legal arguments and supporting evidence. On competition day, these teams present their arguments before a panel of discerning judges who evaluate their performance and select the victors.

The Intra Moot Court Competition is a profound learning experience for all participants. It nurtures legal research and writing skills and hones their art of oral advocacy. Furthermore, it offers a unique opportunity for students to learn from and compete against their peers – a crucible of excellence that shapes the legal minds of tomorrow.

About the National Moot Court Competition of the School of Law and Justice, Adamas University:

Championing Excellence in Legal Advocacy: The National Moot Court Competition

The National Moot Court Competition of the School of Law and Justice, Adamas University, is an annual legal symphony that resonates nationwide. It is an intellectual battleground where the sharpest legal minds from diverse corners of India converge to engage in fierce but respectful combat within the hallowed precincts of a simulated courtroom. The Moot Court Committee of the School of Law and Justice, Adamas University, organized this prestigious event meticulously. A dedicated and enthusiastic student-led entity, the committee works seamlessly with the academic administration and legal authorities to curate a myriad of moot court activities that stretch the boundaries of legal excellence.

This competition is an exquisite litmus test for participants, evaluating their profound knowledge of the law, finesse in legal research and written expression, and their prowess in persuasive oral advocacy. Traditionally held in the crisp months of January or February, the competition plants its intellectual seeds as early as December of the previous year when the moot problem is unveiled. Students then embark on an exhilarating journey, fashioning meticulously crafted memorials and refining their oral arguments for several weeks.

Notably, this arena is a level playing field open to all law students in India, irrespective of their academic year. The crucible of justice is presided over by seasoned legal luminaries and judges. Their discerning gaze assesses students on their legal acumen and their capacity to cite, interpret, and apply the law. The bestowal of prizes and certificates marks the culmination of their hard-fought efforts upon the worthy victors. Winning the National Moot Court Competition is no mere accolade; it is a towering milestone in the journey of aspiring legal professionals.

Beyond the courtroom drama, the Adamas University National Moot Court Competition is adorned with numerous facets. It boasts the Best Memorial Award, which celebrates impeccable legal craftsmanship in written submissions. The Best Oralist Award pays tribute to the silver-tongued advocates whose eloquence resonates in the corridors of justice. Lastly, the Best Researcher Award recognizes the diligent seekers of legal truths who delve into the intricacies of the moot problem.

Achievements of the Moot Court Committee of the School of Law and Justice, Adamas University:

Nurturing Legal Excellence: A Legacy of Success

The Moot Court Committee of the School of Law and Justice, Adamas University, prides itself on an illustrious legacy of organizing triumphant National Moot Court Competitions. It has masterfully orchestrated three such competitions in its history, with the most recent spectacle unfolding in January 2023. These events have stood as beacons of legal erudition, drawing participants from prestigious law schools spanning the breadth of our nation. Their exceptional quality and meticulous organization have earned accolades and commendations from participants and observers.


Dr. Shankar Banerjee

Ms. Shayani Chakraborty

Soumyadeep Dey, 5th Year

Samik Mukherjee, 4th Year

Sudeshna Maji, 5th Year

Tania Dasgupta, 4th Year

Payodhi Daschaudhuri, 3rd Year

Kumud Choudhary, 2nd Year

Aniket Pathak, 4th Year

Arindam Samanta, 4th Year

Subhradeep Saha, 3rd Year

Rakashree Karmakar, 3rd year

Esani Beg, 2nd Year

Soujaatyaa Roy, 2nd Year

Bidita Mukherjee, 1st Year

Mohona Das, 1st Year

Arko Saha, 1st Year

Kritika Shukla, 1st Year

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Faculty co-convener (Ms. Shayani Chakraborty): 80172 75130

Student convener (Soumyadeep Dey): 7629907790

Student Co-convener (Samik Mukherjee): 9830402271