The Law Day was celebrated by students of School of Law and Justice, ADAMAS University on November 26, the day on which the Constituent Assembly was adopted and enacted, which gave to India, its Constitution. While addressing the students and teachers of the University Justice Tarun Chatterjee, former Judge of The Supreme Court of India said that the Indian Constitution is a heritage handed to us by the Constituent Assembly and is priceless. This heritage is of a secular, democratic, republican model, characterized by Universal Adult Franchise, guarantee of Fundamental Rights, Linguistic balance, Equity and Social Justice, Parliamentary form, Independence of Judiciary and recognition of unity in diversity in which federal Principle is subsumed.

Dean Prof. B.N.Pandey observed that demands for democracy are complex and meaningful. He also reminded the students about their role in preserving and promoting significance of the Law Day as soldiers of law.

On this occasion Shreya Mukherjee, Abhinandita Biswas, Ritu Basu, Namrata Konar, Sakshi Chauhan, Chetna Purohit, Iman Chowdhury, Shreya Banerjee, Debanjali Chandra, Besatroyee Routh, Abhishek Chatterjee, Sayantani Basak, Anupam Ghosh, Ankit Mishra, Taniya Bhowmick and Saheli Biswas presented their papers and expressed their views. Aishwarya Deb presented the vote of thanks.

Vice Chancellor, Professor Madhusudan Chakraborty encouraged the students by his words of wisdom.