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School Of Law & Justice

The vision of legal education in the School of Law & Justice, Adamas University is to provide justice-oriented education essential to the realisation of values enshrined in the Constitution of India, with an excellent team of teachers and a selected student body, stressing individual attention and extensive as well as intensive study and, thereby, carrying further the all important task of educational renaissance in the country befitting the monumental efforts of the Founder of the University, Professor Samit Ray. This statement of basic policy reflects both an ambitious goal and a steady determination to attain it.

The School of Law and Justice, Adamas University has started and committed to take legal education to the realm of convergence of knowledge in a knowledge society till it is too late for the country placing great emphasis on justice education for development of human resources to become good jurists, judges and academicians to come out of the University.

Law at Adamas

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Adamas School of Law & Justice is the first School in India to transgress the scope of a conventional degree in Law and incorporate the study of Justice in the curriculum. For the first time in India, an effort has been made to develop appropriate skills to attain justice in the study of law and society. In common law tradition, the study of Law is looked upon as an end in itself along with a skill of litigation management. However, Adamas University has a different approach to it.

A free India adopted Justice as one of the fundamental conditions of governance. So, the University decided to build the faculty not merely with academic and professional acumen but also judicial competence. The Adamas School of Law & Justice aims at imparting judicial skill for carrier building in the judiciary. It infuses a sense of public administration, consequently widening the scope and opportunity of the legal profession, besides using legal knowledge as the instrument of management in the corporate world.

International Milieu

The University has partnered with more than 36 international Universities across 18 countries. International student and faculty exchange programmes, joint research programmes, etc. all combine to give students an invaluable experience necessary to be come global citizens.

Interdisciplinary Curriculum

Our flexible course structure allows students to develop an interdisciplinary orientation by choosing electives and minor courses from a variety of other disciplines. Whether you want to be a cyber lawyer with B.Sc LLB or a corporate lawyer with BBA LLB, there is something for every ambition.


The School has a state-of-the-art moot court and an extensive library for students to practice and research as best as possible.

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Prof. Jyotsna Yagnik

Dean, School of Law & Justice

Former Principal Judge, City Civil Courts, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Prof. Yagnik has been teaching Law and imparting training to senior officers for about 33 years.
Former Principal of Law College, Former Director of Yagnik law Academy to coach for exams of judiciary.
Arbitrator and Mediator, At present imparting education to trial court judges, Trainee IAS, IPS, Police Officers, Senior Executives, etc. Adjunct Professor at Law School, Nirma University. Teaching at other Universities like Forensic Science University. Prof. Yagnik has joined Adamas University as the Dean of The School of Law and Justice.

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